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The SSWC pictorial through the eyes of the punmobile (matt, john, pun) is short but sweet...

Saturday night: After sleeping for less than 4 hours since Friday we all head out and get shitty and eat shittier chinese food. More or less, this was the attitude towards tools, poseurs, and race bred shonkies. we came to ride the ride. stay up late till about 4:30.

Again, later that night we hang out at the official race bar (the big easy). good times. then we met ray who is a small radio DJ whose focus niche is "avant garde." strange, but true. i assume that he's been growing is dread beard since he was 13 and is still completing college? definitely a surreal conversation.

The race went well. John and I pretty much chilled out the whole time and finished in about 5 and a half hours. brutal downhills and rocks everywhere. one downhill dropped 600 feet in a half mile, basically straight down. john rode the entire thing. i skipped about 150 feet because i want to go to colorado. this is a scene from the "wall" riders had to climb, or walk. it was the only spot we walked up hill (about a quarter mile.)

weird sidenote: of course we hung off the back in a race for last, but almost every rider we came across was walking their bike on 10% or less grades. weird shit. and many riders on zoot bikes have little or no tech, not even a hint of it. at least the last 50 or so.

after the race and missing the kart action, we hung out with the EVILcycling and Dirt Rag crew until absolutely everyone but us in the photo were left, thus claiming the title "SSWC Dead Fucking Last" status.

I hear it's in New Zealand next year. maybe...

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Sniker said...

I say we go to New Zealand next year! I wish we could have been there. It looked like you all had an incredible time.