Pain and Suffering on Courchevel

Holy crap.

To say that Discover and Lance pretty much CRUSHED the field is almost not enough.


That was just Harsh.

Bright spots would be ol'Rasmussen hangin' with Lance and Valverde right to the end for 3rd. Cadel Evans, another former MTB world champ, came home 8th.

But did you see Vino, Ullrich, Beloki, and .... Heras??? He was one of the first ones to crack.

Good times boyz.

Whoooze goin' to Jeff City for the Midwest SingleSpeed Championships? anyone? Tha-Pimp shore is. Thoze cats know how to throw a first-class shin-dig. Plenty of beer, good swag, nice trails. Plus, we can whip up on those KC-dorkz!

We'll be needing this:

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