How not to act in the Tour de France!!

What the hell was Moreau doing, that guy's a tool![B)]

Stealing points from Rasmussen after sucking wheel all the way to the top. He'll get his, that's for sure! He's over 50 points behind, and kept coming around him at the line. No respect...[:(!] I think he ended up taking about 3 extra points...dork!

Here's Moreau, pushing past Team Disco to take an extra point on the Galibier...

Yesterday was Redemption day for Alex.

After being shelled by the Disco's and Lance on Stage 10, he decideds to drop the entire peloton in the hardest/highest stage of the Tour. He get's the Desgrange prize for the highest climbe in the tour, somewhere around 9,000 feet to the summit of the Galibier.

He's a bad, bad man.

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