Dave Zabriskie's guide to taint maintenance

I got an email from a friend a month or two ago saying that Dave Zabriskie was 'one of us' and I had to check out his diary. Anyone watching the tour de france has certainly gained respect for his time trialing ability, common decency in an interview, and his desire to win. His sense of humor doesn't come across nearly so well on TV. The guy has understandably been a little too busy to update his blog lately, but it's still worth reading. His mid-race one-question interviews with other pro cyclists are good for a laugh.


Here is an on the bike interview with Charlie Wegelius of the Liquigas Team.

DZ: Charlie have you ever actually had Liquigas?

CW: You mean like when the s*#t comes out of your ass in a Liquid?

DZ: Sure.

CW: I had to quit the Giro in 2003 because of it.

DZ: Thanks for the interview.

-Dave Z.

But don't visit his site without reading "Z's Point"


If you are experiencing some saddle sores sometimes the only way to get rid of them is to stop riding for a couple of days. If it’s really bad you might have to see a doctor. I am sort of an expert so if you want you can send pictures and I’ll give you my opinion on the best way to proceed. PLEASE DON'T!

Oh yeah one more thing I think that can help is to shave all of that “bum fluff” down. It can be tricky, use electric clippers and be careful, I recommend a mirror.


There's more, and it's not all 'downstairs' topics.
link: http://www.davezabriskie.com/

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