Here's some pictures from our trip to the Middle Fork over the weekend. The GORC posse did well, but the humidity put the hurt on me, it didn't slow Ron down though. He put the hurt on me, thanks a lot Pimp for getting him on the Surly! Good times had by all, 24.8 miles of up and down, tight and twisty singletrack goodness, oh yeah!

Steph and I rode Council the next day and had a great time. We had the pleasure of Dan "Hanson" Fuhrmann's company Saturday night. He kept us entertained and brought us firewood, so he isn't all bad. He even brought Miller High Life in true GORC fashion. I got to hear first hand how cool my wreck was at Rolla the past weekend. They were impressed I was able to keep my water bottle in my hand during the crash. Maybe if I had thrown that SOB down and put two hands on the bars I might not have crashed. Keep that in mind, kids.

Well, to oo bad the rest of the bunch had to bail on camping and riding, because it was all good. We missed having you guys around...sort of.

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