SS Worlds Approaches - Hide Your Breakables

Let's cut to the chase: The winner will be determined through a go kart race. So you can be a badass on a bike all you want, but if you can't dominate a 5hp go kart then you're pretty much screwed. top 10 finishers plus 10 random racers will compete in a bloodsport to see who is the true winner of all. then they get tattooed. there are no declines of offer. Otherwise, they will be barbecued.

A few of us are heading to College State, PA, 2 weekends from now to represent the best of the midwest (mayhem, that is. riding, . . . eh, maybe not so much.) There may, in fact, as my brooklyn, il sources tell me, be a battle of the Puns - with complimentary midgets. We are also on the look out for some strippers who have the weekend off. walking party favors, of sorts.

Supplemental mood enhancers:

Video of doom, basically a prediction of what will unfold after the PBR has flowed like a river over its banks.

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